MEMBERSHIP in Zonta is based on classification by business or profession. Membership is by invitation only and there are strict standards of eligibility. A Zontian could be a proprietor, partner, corporate officer, manager, or employed executive, in a responsible position and with discretionary authority, of a reputable and recognized business. She could also be engaged in a worthy and recognized profession. The current status of our membership is as follows:



Ada Yu (inducted in Apr-2012)
Amy Donati Chan (inducted in Dec-2012)
Angela Keung (inducted in Jan-1995)
Anna Wong (inducted in Jan-2005)
Aurora Wong (inducted in Aug-1990)
Betty Tsui (inducted in Jan-1993)
Caran Wong (inducted in Jan-2013)
Carrie Yu (inducted in Oct-1996)
Catherine Kwok (inducted in Jan-2023)
Catherine Tong (inducted in Aug-1990)
Cherry Chan (inducted in Jan-2017)
Daisy Tong (inducted in 1980)
Dannie Hongchoy (inducted in Oct-1992)
Dawn Ting (inducted in Apr-2021)
Diana Wong (inducted in Oct-1989)
Eirene Yeung (inducted in Mar-2009)
Eleanor Woo (inducted in Nov-1997)
Eugienie Yeung (inducted in Sep-2005)
Frances Lee (inducted in Aug-2007)
Gemma Sung  (inducted in July-2021)
Gladys Chen (inducted in Apr-1994)
Helen Kan (inducted in Aug-2008)
Helen Li (inducted in Jan-2023)
Ivy Tong (inducted in Oct-2006)
Jackie Li (inducted in Jun-2019)
Janette Chan (inducted in Nov-2008)
Joanlin Au Chang (inducted in Apr-1992)
Joyce Yu (inducted in Jun-2019)
Julia Lau (inducted in Oct-2004)

Kitty Lee (inducted in Jan-1982)
Lee Chan Ching Han (inducted in Jun-1989)
Lee Yeung Yat Fan (inducted in 1986)
Lilian Vrijmoed (inducted in Oct-2005)
Linda Kwo (inducted in Dec-2006)
Lucy Wong (inducted in Oct-2003)
Macy Chong (inducted in Oct-2017)
Maggie Koong (inducted in Apr-1994)
Margaret Leung (inducted in May-1982)
Marina Wong (inducted in 1980)
May Lam (inducted in Aug-2016)
May Tsang (inducted in Aug-2004)
Michelle Leung (inducted in Aug-2017)
Mildred Law (inducted in Oct-2004)
Miranda Leung (inducted in Jan-1995)
Nora Yau (inducted in Apr-2015)
Phyllis Leung (inducted in Sep-2005)
Rita Ku (inducted in Apr-2021)
Rosa Chen (inducted in Apr-2012)
Susie Cheung (inducted in Jun-2007)
Sylvia Chung (inducted in Mar-2004)
Teresa Tse (inducted in 1986)
Tiwei Chen (inducted in Apr-2007)
Victoria Ip (inducted in Dec-2003)
Wendy Lee (inducted in Apr-2009)
Wendy Wong (inducted in Jan-2019)
Wilhelmina Ngai (inducted in 1980)
Winnie Ng (inducted in Jan-1997)
Zoe Cheung (inducted in Nov-2016)

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