The Zonta Club of Hong Kong East established two Z Clubs, the DGS Z- Club (Diocesan Girls’ School), SPSS Z-Club (St. Paul’s Secondary School), in the early nineties; and two Z Clubs, the Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School Z Club, and Po Leung Kuk Chou Kai Yau School Z Club in July 2019; and two Golden Z Clubs, the HKUST Golden Z Club (HK University of Science and Technology) and the City U Golden Z-Club (City University), at the beginning of the new Millennium.


  1. To serve the school with which it is affiliated
  2. To serve the community
  3. To provide career guidance and to encourage leadership qualities in colleges and universities
  4. To promote fellowship and better understanding among all people of the world


Young people are given a chance to interact with experienced sponsors, and they work together to better their societies and the world by gaining an understanding of their schools and communities and by developing an international awareness. “Future Leaders Building A Better World Today Through Service and Advocacy” is the motto for the Z Clubs and Golden Z Clubs.


The Z Clubs and Golden Z Clubs provide opportunities for young people to develop leadership skills and explore career alternatives through service. Supporting community service projects is one way for Z Clubs and Golden Z Clubs’ members to develop the necessary competencies as future leaders.


Students joining a Z Club or a Golden Z Club benefit by working together in planning, organizing and participating in activities. The most rewarding benefit that Z Clubs and Golden Z clubs offer is the satisfaction of giving. There is an overwhelming pride in devoting one’s time to others and experiencing personal accomplishment.


Zonta Club of Hong Kong East sponsors and supports the Z Clubs and Golden Z Clubs.

We provide resources and coaching to the board of our Z Clubs and Golden Z Clubs. It is always a good opportunity for students to develop their leadership, organization skills, people skills and widen your network and exposure. You can frequently interact with our members of Zonta, the Zontians. Our Zontians are all professionals and business executives and that would help to widen your network and benefit your future career planning.


Activities held by the Golden Z Clubs in the past:

1. Learning and development

  • Talks on self-development and career planning
  • Legislative Council mock debate
  • Seminars for all Golden Z Clubs in Hong Kong.

2. Social Services

  • Visit to elderly homes
  • Visit to partitioned units and caged lodgers
  • Visit to Ronald McDonald House for Children
  • Volunteer services in Taipei.

3. Understand social issues

  • Visit to Zi Tang
  • “Dialogue in the Dark” — experienced daily life of visually impaired persons
  • Greenpeace talk on nuclear safety
  • Workshop on environmental protection in Taiwan.

4. Participating in Zonta Clubs’ events including our charity functions, public affairs seminars and conferences.

5. Exchange Trips to China & Abroad

  • Members of the Golden Z Clubs have been on Exchange Trips to China in Kwei Zhou, Taiwan, Cambodia & Australia. Part of their trips have been sponsored by the mother club to interact with other university students from another country, to learn about the way of life of the needies in China, play and teach English to young children and to learn about the different environment of each country. They learn and appreciate their way of life in Hong Kong and benefit from such experiences.
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