September, 2021

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香港東區崇德社 – 愛心月餅送溫暖 贈獨居長者、露宿者及低收入人士 送上祝福 共慶中秋 2021. 香港東區崇德社一向熱心公益, 關懷社區。今年的中秋佳節, 香港東區崇德社一眾會員齊心捐贈約2100個愛心月餅(總值約港幣10萬元)予有需要的低收入人士, 當中包括獨居長者、單親、籠屋住戶、露宿者及視障人士等, 並為他們送上最真摯的祝福, 希望藉此令他們在節日裡加添温暖和愛心。約2100位受惠人士可經5大慈善組織取得愛心月餅 – 香港社區組織協會、同路舍、香港失明人協進會、馬麗灣中心及恩橡基金會。 Zonta Club of Hong Kong East as a caring, charitable organisation is sending love and blessings to the under-privileged (elderly living alone/homeless /low-income families) in this Mid-Autumn Festival 2021! Zonta Club of Hong Kong East as a caring charity organisation is mindful of their needs and our members are enthusiastic in giving donation to buy …

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30 members of Zonta Club of Hong Kong East & their family members have in two baking sessions thoughtfully hand-prepared 65 boxes of love-filled Moon Cakes for the needy. Meanwhile, another Club member has donated an additional 100 boxes. A total of 660 pieces of moon cakes were donated to the beneficiaries of Mighty Oaks Foundation to share the joy and warmth of this wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival. 香港東區崇德社約30位會員及家屬, 合力做了65盒愛心月餅, 連同會員捐贈的100盒月餅, 合共660個月餅捐贈與恩橡基金會的受惠機構, 並為他們送上祝福,共享中秋佳節。 …

香港東區崇德社祝賀何詩蓓同學繼獲奧林匹克兩面銀牌後, 再度於意大利奪獎, 成為最具價值的運動員。 何詩蓓同學於香港聖保祿中學就讀時為香港東區崇德社的Z girl, 她一直熱衷參與社會服務, 是香港東區崇德社的驕傲! Congratulations to Siobhan Haughey !

Zonta Club of Hong Kong East | 2021 September