March, 2023

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The Chinachem Group had generously donated 1,161 Turnip Cake Vouchers to the Zonta Club of Hong Kong East as the outcome of its L’Hotel Staycation Project in mid January. 1,028 of these vouchers were presented to 1,028 劏房 share-flat in need families through SoCO. Another 133 coupons were presented to 133 single mother families through YWCA The total cost of the Turnip Cake Vouchers at $288 each came to $334,368. …

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香港東區崇德社倡議委員會於2023年3月8日國際婦女節,聯同古明慧律師行以及非牟利機構「愛·傳遞」,舉辦了《弱勢婦女在家事法下的保障》午餐分享會,關於面對家庭暴力或虐待時如何處理及一些法律建議,午餐會後參加者都表示分享會的有用資訊能有效幫助有需要的人士。 Advocavy Committee of Zonta Club of Hong Kong East organised a lunch sharing for ladies on International Women’s Day (8 th March) with legal advice on how to deal with domestic violence and abuses. The event was held together with Rita Ku & Solicitors and NGO LoveXpress. Participants said the talk was informative , practical and beneficial to many .

【🎥拍攝短片,分享你對網絡欺凌嘅所思所想!💡】 任何人都有可能成為網絡欺凌嘅受害者,亦有機會成為欺凌者而不自知😖 關於網絡欺凌,你有冇啲嘢想講?💭 香港東區崇德社 同 M21攜手合作舉辦 🔸 網絡清「凌」: 向網絡欺凌說不‧短片製作比賽2022/23 🔸 立即組隊參與,推廣正確使用互聯網的態度——關愛及尊重 🧡 優勝隊伍仲有機會贏取高達 $5000 豐富獎品添!🎉 📌 作品要求 內容:以拒絕網絡欺凌為主題,內容須帶出正面訊息 形式:不限 (劇情故事、訪問、資訊分享等) 作品長度:5分鐘內 📌 比賽組別 小學組 | 中學組 | 公開組 (須以2-4人隊制形式參與) 📌 遞交作品期限:2023年4月30日23:59或之前於活動網頁遞交 🏷 想了解更多有關網絡欺凌資訊及比賽詳情,即上 【🎥Take a short video and share your thoughts on cyberbullying! 💡】 Anyone can be a bully or a victim of cyberbullying 😖 How can we prevent cyberbullying? 💭 Zonta Club of Hong Kong East and …

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