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After suspension of fellowship activity due to the Omicron outbreak, members of Zonta Club of Hong Kong East alongside with family and friends joined a fellowship lunch and a group visit to Hong Kong Palace Museum.  After a delicious fellowship lunch in Tsim Sha Tsui, members and entourage continued their cultural exploration and experiential discovery in Chinese heritage; for example, appreciating those special exhibitions including the 35 masterpieces of Chinese …

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Women are constantly challenging stereotypes and breaking through glass ceilings.  In the Zonta Club of Hong Kong East’s recent talk in collaboration with the Zonta Club of the New Territories II, we had the pleasure to invite Su-Mei Thompson, equality campaigner, media maven as well as CEO of Media Trust and former CEO of The Women’s Foundation of Hong Kong, to share actionable insights on empowering women leaders and …

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30 members of Zonta Club of Hong Kong East & their family members have in two baking sessions thoughtfully hand-prepared 65 boxes of love-filled Moon Cakes for the needy. Meanwhile, another Club member has donated an additional 100 boxes. A total of 660 pieces of moon cakes were donated to the beneficiaries of Mighty Oaks Foundation to share the joy and warmth of this wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival. 香港東區崇德社約30位會員及家屬, 合力做了65盒愛心月餅, 連同會員捐贈的100盒月餅, 合共660個月餅捐贈與恩橡基金會的受惠機構, 並為他們送上祝福,共享中秋佳節。 …

The Service Committee has invited the Fellowship Committee to hold a learning session for Zontians to create our own artwork to join our Service Project – the Art Therapy Exhibition – <<藝術為你說故事🖍📚 -網上藝術作品展覽>>

We hold an outdoor hiking event for Zontians to do exercise together and followed by a lunch gathering.

Zonta Club of Hong Kong East worked together with Mighty Oaks Foundation Limited to organize a generous donation of 43 boxes of mooncakes, which were sent to the 90 nursing staff working at the ‘Asia Women’s League Ltd. Chan Kwun Tung Care and Attention Home for the Elderly’ to share the spirit and tradition of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Big Bay Area Cultural Exchange organized by the China Liaison Office was a joint-club event. About 70 Zontians from 7 Zonta clubs in Hong Kong participated in this action-packed cultural visit. We visited Futian’s world-class IT companies including Tencent, DJI, 深圳光啟集團 and witnessd how advance their IT products are. We visited Shenzhen 婦聯 and learned the great work they are doing for women and children. We stayed at 紫荊山庄, the …

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Fellowship Baking for SOCO Tram Ride at Coup Kitchen on 1 March 2019

Chinese New Year Dinner on 20 Feb 2019 at Sichuan Lab 川流

Fellowship Activity – Tour to the Digital Dunhuang Exhibition on Sunday, Oct 21, 2018.

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